HHG5XX WEP scanner FREE 5.0

Source:Paulino Calderon

HHG5XX default WEP key scanner is an Android application for penetration testers
to audit wireless networks to check against default key authentication in Huawei HG5XX access points.
It generates the default keys of
all the access points found using Huawei's mac2wepkey algorithm.

-Export results to SD Card.
-Automatic configuration of the wireless networks in your known connections.
-It's a passive scan. It generates the key using the mac address broadcasted by the access point.


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In the extremely rare case of a Huawei HG5XX device not being detected by the scanner, please send me its mac address to add it to the list.

If you find this app useful please rate it and consider buying the version with no ads to support the development of more penetration testing apps.

Remember, everytime you leave a 1 star comment with no feedback God kills a kitten.

This app only support Huawei routers, do not give a bad rating because it did not generate the correct key for your random wifi network.

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OS:Android 1.6 and up

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